Welcome! I am Toni, born and raised in East Yorkshire, UK….…yes a Yorkshire gurl! But an explorer of the world.

Currently Living in Thailand.

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Just imagine an entire generation hungry for change. Starving. Demanding. Hard working. Positive. Imagine a large group of individuals obsessed with making this world cleaner, healthier, more peaceful, more beautiful, more conscious? Imagine if every single person tomorrow morning woke up with the courage to say ‘I don’t like this about the world I live in, instead of accepting it, complaining or ignoring, I believe I can help change it’ or ‘This isn’t fair or right, why aren’t we all wanting to do something about it?’

For me it was to speak up for animals. To stop their suffering as much as I can. Animals shouldn’t be used as slaves, commodities. We exploit animals to the extreme. We murder, rape, torture animals each and every day because of the choices we make. Not only do we indirectly support all this we are also affecting our health in the most destructible way possible. By consuming animals we are consuming death. How can we possibly feel good if we are consuming suffering.

I want to show you that we don’t need to eat animals. In fact we will be better off physically, mentally and emotionally. We can be healthy, thriving whilst not eating animals.

My story, like many others is not straight forward. But I will start with how my diet played a huge part in my life, to making me feel sick, depressed, lethargic to empowered, energised, nourished, vibrant and healthy. I went from being on every diet possible, I was a binge eater, anaemic, I had IBS and I was burnt out. I then found the raw till 4 vegan lifestyle. I now eat a high carb, low fat, low protein vegan diet and have done for many years now. The benefits are incredible, I would never go back to eating my friends and treating my body as a graveyard. I eat mostly raw with some cooked dinners.

Once I sorted my diet and lifestyle out I started to work on my passions.

My past work included; being in the Royal Air Force as a stewardess, bar maid in a cocktail bar, teacher, sports and gym coach, animal educator, even some of these jobs all at one time! I have travelled the world for many years. I studied Sports Science and I did a degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare/Science. I work with many animal welfare organisations and currently volunteering a lot of time at the Government Dog Pound in Thailand.

I now help people get healthier, fitter and more abundant whilst helping the animals and the planet too. I am dedicated daily to getting the health, fitness and weight loss message out there to the masses, whilst stopping the fucked up world of the meat, dairy and egg industry.

Feel free to ask me any questions or see my YouTube channel.

All my love and light…