My journey so far on the Raw till 4 movement.

I have been living the Raw Till 4 lifestyle for over two years now! I have never felt so good. I have always fluctuated with my weight and energy but this time I am eating more than I ever have and I am at my healthiest. No more restrictions and feeling deprived. More importantly I feel like a new person. I have a ton more energy, and am brimming with confidence. I was always on various “fad diets” with no success. In fact, a lot of failure.  It had taken me over 12 years to figure out (thanks to learning the truth) that all these fad diets are self destructive and counter intuitive. What I needed to do was cut out all animal products and fake food, and focus on an abundance of real, whole foods. While it’s great to be able to fit comfortably into skinny jeans now, it is even better that I have the energy to live an active lifestyle and not have to worry about being starving. We can focus on getting shit done. If you’re fed up with fad diet failures, and are looking to improve your health AND lose weight you may want to consider the Raw Till 4 program. I will be promoting my first ever ebook next month (March 2016). It might not be easy at first, and it may take a while for results, but if you stick to it, the results will blow you away and certainly worth the wait. You will receive way more then you expect. I didn’t realise until after a year that I didn’t binge eat anymore. My old self would pack in 2 or 3 250g bars of fruit and nut chocolate bars, 4 chocolate muffins and a bag of maltesers just in one sitting 5 or 6x per week. The amount of times I would visit family and friends and just raid their fridges and cupboards. It was certainly a regular occurrence. It’s crazy when I look back how much I was destructive to my body and mind. Even more positive, I aren’t anaemic anymore (this is why I was tired a lot) or have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), amazing! You don’t realise this until you try it. There is a way to not just be healthy but to thrive too. My ebook is a 21 day program to start you off on this journey. Like I said its not a quick fix.


I’m done with quick fixes. If you’re here, you are done with quick fixes too.


So if you’re finally ready to commit to cutting out animal products, eat a ton of delicious fruits, and vegetables, potatoes, rice, pasta, and cut out all processed crap foods, then the Raw Till 4 program is a GREAT place to start. Your friends and family may think you have lost your mind, but all that won’t matter once you start glowing in your healthy, skinnier body. I want you to use my experience to help you reconnect with your healthy, younger looking and feeling self. There are thousands of testimonials of people achieving so much more than weight loss.


Here are some common questions;


Will Raw Till 4 Affect My Mood?

Yes!  Eating a ton of fruit throughout the day, along with no chemicals, no caffeine and no processed sugars will make you very happy.  Most people report that their mood increases greatly, as well as improved brain function / clarity of thought.  Of course, you may experience some ups and downs too, given that your body is going through a big change and detox. You may see some skin issues from the detox too and some bloating.

How Many Calories on the Raw Till 4 Diet?

Unlimited amount. Never go under 2100 calroies. To feel your best aim for at least 2500 calories. Men at least 3500 calories. Keep your ratio of 80% carbohydrates, 10% fat, 10% protein.

I Am So Bloated Eating Raw Till 4, What Can I do?

Make sure you are drinking A LOT of water throughout the day. Make sure you get some exercise in, even if just a brisk walk for 30 minutes.  That should get you feeling better in no time. Look at the food-combining chart from Freelee the Banana Girl


Banana girl food combining

How Can I Get Enough Protein On Raw Till 4 Diet?

You only need to get 10% of your total daily calories in the form of protein. All plants, fruits, vegetables have protein. Some have quite a bit, % wise. For example, my favourite green is Spinach. Spinach has 2.6 grams of protein in 3 cups of spinach. It is flavourless in smoothies so you won’t be able to taste it. A lot of people love watermelon and eat a whole one as a meal. A medium size watermelon has 28 grams of protein! My staple are bananas. As this is the cheapest and easy to eat. Each medium banana contains 1.3 grams of protein.

So don’t stress about not eating enough protein. You will have no trouble getting the correct amount on a daily basis.

I Thought High Carb Diets Like Raw Till 4 Cause Weight Gain?

It possibly can! But it is only temporary. Your body will become used to the extra calories and adjust its metabolism to process this new caloric intake.  As Jon Fergus stated so well, “short term weight gain on this lifestyle is basically a healing process and a collection of bodily adjustments.” If you have been on many diets that have caused you to under eat you then you may have metabolic damage and will take time to adjust. Be patient. Short term weight gain is quite common, depending on your background. Don’t freak out! If you’ve been under-eating for years, the body adjusts its metabolism to suit those conditions. When you start eating enough clean, healthy calories and nutrients your body reacts from a state of poor metabolism, and that reaction is to store fat and fluid for future need. If you’ve been calorie restricting or just not supplying your body with enough nutrients consistently, then your body will be accustomed to that, and will anticipate the same for the future. So what happens is that the body hangs on to everything it can (in the form of fat stores) while maintaining the same poor/ slow metabolism. You’ve temporarily trained your body to be a fat-storer instead of a fat-burner. Eventually you’ll go from a fat-storer to a fat-burner. At that point your body will utilise the fuel you give it fully (utilising glycogen stores, and not needing fat stores).

I lost quite a bit of weight at first and so have many other people. So don’t let it dishearten you if you gain weight initially. It will come off if you stick to it.

I don’t like XYZ. What can I substitute for XYZ on the Raw Till 4 Diet?

You have to suck it up buttercup. There are so many choices. Once you educate yourself and fully connect you won’t want to eat animal flesh, pus and menses. It doesn’t do our body any good or for animals and the planet. Time to wake up. Feel energised. At peace.


Feel free to ask any questions down below. 


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